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What are Itoh or Intersectional Peonies?
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Hillary ITOH Peony
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American Peony Society Peony of the Year 2021

Seed parent Bartzella. First bloomed 1990. 24-26" height. Huge double flowers of a very dark pink at the opening that fades gradually. Gives a spectacular effect! A chameleon, it is a real traffic stopper! Award of Landscape Merit. Gold Medal 2020. Peony of the Year 2021. (Anderson, 1999) Intersectional
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Bartzella ITOH Peony
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ITOH.  (Anderson, 1986) Late.  Best Landscaper.  Nearly full double.  Large fluffy lemon yellow blooms.  Fragrant.  Very strong grower, an excellent garden plant which attracts extraordinary popularity.  APS Gold Medal 2006. more info
Singing in the Rain
Singing in the Rain ITOH Peony
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ITOH.  Double yellow blend whose opening buds are pink.  Flowers are yellow heavily flushed and infused with pink.  Side bud flowers are excellent quality and nearly as large as the terminal flowers.  Last season, side buds were a bronzy orange.  Gorgeous plant with multi-colors at various stages.  Flowers are virtually unaffected by heavy rain, living up to it's name, Singing in the Rain. (Smith, 2002) Intersectional more info
Canary Brilliants
Canary Brilliants ITOH Peony
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ITOH Yellow with apricot hues. Light beige in bud, opening to semi-double to full double. Some blooms remain light yellow while others become very brilliant in color. This is a very deceiving plant, as the color matures. It has long stems and good green foliage.No pollen or seeds. 2010 Award of Landscape Merit. (Anderson, 1999) Intersectional

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Sequestered Sunshine
Sequestered Sunshine ITOH Peony
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ITOH (Anderson, 1999) ) Yellow single to semi-double.  Blooms 5-7" with red stigmas, and a ring of yellow stamens. Plant has long stems, making for a great cut flower. Brightest of all yellows to date. Best yellow cut flower for bouquets, keeps it's form and great in design work. more info
Court Jester
Court Jester ITOH Peony
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A pretty and different intersectional! Court Jester wears small flowers that first open a yellow-orange color with red-burgundy flares. A very nice looking flower. The main show comes when the secondary buds open. Flowers fade gently as they age a yellow-creamy color. (Anderson, 1999) Intersectional

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Court Jester Itoh Intersectional Peony
First Arrival ITOH Peony
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Itoh.  (Anderson, 1986) First Arrival is an ideal peony in the garden. The very large, showy semi-double flowers are a lavender pink color with darker flares at the base of the petals. With every year, the flowers will grow more double - a quite typical characteristic of semi-double peonies. The flowers are situated right on top of the dense foliage, creating a superb and compact bush. 'First Arrival' is a very exclusive variety, and a peony lovers' favorite.  No fertility noted. more info
Callie's Memory
Callie's Memory ITOH Peony
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ITOH.  (Roger F. Anderson,1999) This 6"-8" yellow cream bloom with picotee edge. The apricot yellow petals are edged in deep burgundy which matches the dark center of this intersectional hybrid peony.  The plant remains in bloom for an extended period as the side buds open slowly. more info
Julia Rose
Lollipop ITOH Peony
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ITOH. Semi-double to double yellow with red candy stripes through the flower giving these blooms a unique appearance. Good plant habit and very floriferous. (Anderson, 1999) Intersectional more info
Border Charm ITOH Peony
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ITOH.  (Hollingsworth, 1984)  A yellow single that blooms midseason.  Paler at the edges with large dusky flares at the base this medium size flower is short and bushy.  A very nice landscape plant .. matures at  20” high and 50-60” wide. more info