Oh My Peonies LLC

My passion for peonies started when my sister shared Red Charm with me. My reaction was "Oh My! Peonies!" Since then my hobby with peonies has grown to more than 200 peony varieties. We are thrilled to bring our hobby of growing peonies to you so you can find enjoyment and excitement in growing this "gem of the garden" as we did.

We have a variety of peonies including some heirloom varieties, some new varieties and some that are just hard-to-find! We offer a variety of lactiflora, herbaceous hybrid, Itoh or intersectional and Japanese varieties, so we're sure there's a treasure for you to find in our gardens.

Order online or come enjoy the peony show during the month of June.

We offer you three options:

Stop and view the peonies

We are located in Marion, Wisconsin. You are welcome to visit our peony landscape during June and July. Our peak blooming season typically begins around Flag Day or June 14. We do have some early bloomers prior to that, but our peak bloom begins mid- June and lasts until the peonies diminish in July. Our visiting hours are Monday through Saturday 9-5 and on Sunday from noon-5. If you are coming as a group, please call ahead to schedule a personalized tour.

Purchase peony bareroots

Fall is the best time to plant peonies before the first hard frost. We offer bareroots with 4-6 "eyes" or buds. We guarantee the plants to be satisfactory upon arrival. Bareroots will be shipped mid-September through October. Payment is required at the time you order.

Purchase cut flowers

We also offer cut flowers during the month of June. To order large quantities of cut flowers for events, for DIY brides or if you are a florist email us at info@ohmypeonies.com

Peonies are a favorite for June weddings and other events as it displays a type of grandeur, elegance and fragrance that no other cut flower can. You may order cut flowers by color or variety. Contact us at info@ohmypeonies.com with the date of your event, color needed and quantity. We will communicate details with you.