Our Featured Peony
Favorites in our Garden

This year, we'll be "featuring" some of our very favorite peonies. They may be a variety of colors or white, as there are many white that we consider our favorites. If you need a recommendation for your garden, feel free to email us or you can start by choosing our featured peony. We know you'll enjoy this "feature" in your garden as much as we enjoy it in ours!

Julia Rose is one of our favorite intersectionals. Of course, we may be a little impartial since we have a family member named Julia Rose. However, this peony never disappoints us. She will show flowers in 3 colors at one time. She opens a cherry red, then adds some orangish hues and finally some yellow hues. This is a "trait" of some intersectional peonies making them true chameleons. Because an intersectional is a cross of a herbaceous peony and a tree peony, the stems always hold the flowers well. In addition, the plant takes on a bush form and retains its nice bush form throughout the season until fall. At it's maturity, this peony will carry 40 flowers at different stages of coloration.