Our Featured Peony
Favorites in our Garden

We will feature a peony from our garden that is one of our favorites and we're sure it will be one of yours too. We may even offer a "website" only offer when we have special peonies that we feature, so check back to our featured section for some "favorites" that we enjoy.

Our current features are the coral peonies. If you don't have a coral peony, just know that it is a standout in your garden. Pink Hawaiian Coral, Coral Sunset and Coral Charm are three corals for you to consider. These are beauties in the garden, but don't expect that peony fragrance that comes with many of the lactiflora peonies! Regardless, you will thoroughly enjoy the coral peonies. They are a beautiful addition to your garden, are attention-getting and you won't be able to wait until they open. They open fairly early in the season giving you that added color you can enjoy while you wait for other peonies to show their beauty!

                                                        Pink Hawaiian Coral                      Coral Sunset                             Coral Charm