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Silly Sally Peony
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(Roy G. Klehm, 2000)  Cactus type dahlia style lactiflora.  First bloomed 1993.  Matching double row of guard petals, soft cream pink with soft pink streaking.  Combination of pink and cream.  24 inches in height, strong stems, blooms mid to late, one to three buds per stem.
Sioux Chief Peony
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(Ben Gilbertson, Kindred, North Dakota, 1984) Parentage unknown.  Single lactiflora, medium bright red, flat form.  It has pollen, seeds, stames, reliable and good substance --no fragrance.  Stiff straight stems, 30" height, midseason floom, bright green foliage.
Sword Dance Peony
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(Auten, 1933) Red, Japanese, late, 36" tall, lactiflora cultivar.  Bright red petals surround an unusual arrangement of yellow staminoides streaked with red.  An unusual and outstanding flower.
Red Monarch Peony
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(Auten-Glasscock, 1937)  Double - Red - Hybrid.  Tall.  A beautifully proportioned red bomb.  Red with slight purplish cast.  A strong grower.  Stiff stems.
Red Charm Peony
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(Glasscock, 1944) Deep red, bomb-type double, early, 32" tall, hybrid.  Gigantic double bomb of deep crimson with a multitude of petals piled high in the center.  Slight clove fragrance.  APS Gold Medal Winner, 1956.  This peony truly stands out in the garden.
Raspberry Splash Peony
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(Klehm, 1968) Lactiflora cultivar. Mid-season. Opened petals are fluted and dancing, intensely streaked with raspberry. This is a fun flower and gorgeous when mature. Plant is prolific with blooms. A vigorous grower, medium tall with flexing stems. Recommended as a cut flower. Fragrant. No stamens, pollen or seeds.

Singing in the Rain
Singing in the Rain ITOH Peony
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Itoh.  (Donald Smith, August 2002)  Intersectional double yellow blend.  Opening buds are pink.  Flowers are yellow heavily flushed and infused with pink.  Combination of the two color stages give the plant a stage appeal.  Side bud flowers are excellent quality and nearly as large as the terminal flowers.  Last season, side buds were a bronzy orange.  Gorgeous plant with multi-colors at various stages.  Flowers are virtually unaffected by heavy rain, living up to it's name, Singing in the Rain.  Very rare.
Yellow Crown ITOH Peony
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ITOH.  Smirnow (Japan / USA), 1974, Itoh-hybrid – Paeonia lactiflora ‘Kakoden’ x P. lutea-hybride ‘Alice Harding’, Yellow semi- to full double flowers with red flares at the base of the petals. Mature plants can easily produce a mass of flowers in between very fresh and green leaflets. Plant habit very typical for an intersectional hybrid. Flowers tend to 'hide' between the foliage.  First ITOH peony.
Sequestered Sunshine
Sequestered Sunshine ITOH Peony
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(Anderson) Roger F. Anderson, Fort Atkinson, WI) Yellow single to semi-double - herbaceous tree hybrid.  First bloomed 1987.   Blooms 5-7" with red stigmas, and a ring of yellow stamens. Plant has long stems, making for a great cut flower. Brightest of all yellows to date. Beautiful bouquet flower.