Welcome to
Oh My Peonies
and the 2017 ordering season!

Peonies are known as the most beautiful flower in the garden--a must have for every garden!

Here at Oh My Peonies we've been enjoying peonies for years!

I planted my first peony when my sister shared Red Charm with me. My reaction was "Oh My, Peonies!" Since then my hobby has grown to over 125 peony varieties. This year we've added peony Early Scout, peony Angel Cheeks, peony Avalanche, peony Bride's Dream, peony Canary Brilliants, peony Carol, peony Flying Pink Saucer, peony Green Halo, peony Illini Warrior, peony Immaculee, peony Lady Kate, peony Lillian Wild, peony Martha Bullock, peony Minuet, Itoh peony Morning Lilac, peony Myrtle Gentry, Itoh peony Sequestered Sunshine, peony Shirley Temple and Itoh peony Yellow Crown. We hope you enjoy this added selection of herbaceous and ITOH peonies.

Place your orders early since we have a limited supply of each variety. Orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders will be shipped mid-September through mid-October.

I love sharing the beauty of peonies with people in my hometown. We've enjoyed the past couple of years of reaching out and sharing homegrown peonies with peony lovers and those who want to be peony lovers. You won't be disappointed in the beauty our peonies bring to your own backyard!